Health care system in transformation

Change of professions in health care

Since 1999, the SAMS intensely looks into the subject of aims and duties of medicine. In autumn 2007, and in the context of the principal topic "occupational imanges and occupational identities", the SAMS published the report "Future occupational images of medical doctors and carers in the outpatient and clinical praxis", which caused quite some reaction. In June 2009, the SAMS, in collaboration with the SAHS, organised the meeting "On the change of professions in health care: ousider's and insider's views".
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Enhancement medicine

In 2008, the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences adopted the subject "Human Enhancement", i.e. the transformation or improvement of non-pathologic traits, as a principal topic and established a working group under the guidance of Prof. Nikola Biller-Andorno. The working group shall produce a report on the ethical questions of "Human Enhancement" and elaborate recommendations.
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Study «Human Enhancement»

It is unclear, whether drugs allow to increase the performance of healthy human beings. Nonetheless, drugs are already applied in this sense. For example by students during preparation for an exam, hoping to achieve better concentration. In this study, the present possibilities of "Doping in everyday life" are both pointed out and questioned.
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Study «Anti-ageing medicine: myths and chances»

Health, well-being and youthful appearance: these are the aims of anti-ageing medicine. Not only cosmetics are offered under the anti-ageing label, but also dietary supplements and hormone replacement therapies, for example. Yet, what offers do keep what they promise? The TA-SWISS study produces an overview and points out the potentials and risks.
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